A bit of R and R -Reminiscence and Renewel 

This time last year The Fella and I were 6 weeks into our 5 month travelling ‘extravaganza’, our first foray into the world of South East Asia. Was that really a whole year ago??!! Since returning from The Trip the inevitable questions have been asked by inquisitive home birds; Dream destination?  Perfect paradise ? Impossible to say, BUT, Vietnam and Indonesia have been at the top of every tale, the go to answer every time. 

So when this years holiday choice was looming, unfortunately without the years worth of savings and ‘only’ in possession of 2 and a half weeks annual leave from The Orrifice, we briefly considered the short haul to The Canaries or slightly longer trip to The Red Sea, but quickly discounted these feeing the world was our oyster! The excitement of last years travels quickly resurfacing. However, with no time to prep for vaccinations and visa applications, it didn’t take us long to decide on a hop,  skip and jump back to a few of our favourite haunts in Hong Kong and then onto Vietnam. With the visa requirements being a pay on arrival system for 15 days we thought what better than a catch up with friends from our previous adventure and maybe a bit of new exploration. 

Meeting The Wongs at The Corner Stop Bar
Writing this whilst sitting in Hong Kong International Airport, waiting for our flight to Da Nang, having spent the last 3 days between Hong Kong and Macau, all I can say is I’m delighted we did! A rather raucous night in The Corner Stop Bar, Kowloon side, followed by a whistle stop tour of The Venetian and The Parisian casinos on the Cotai strip have reminded me why I love this part of the world so much. The people, the food, the tradition and the modernity all combine to create a melting pot of noise, fun and discovery. 

Outside The Venetian
Inside The Venetian
The Parisian

Having just made the most of a cheeky airport lounge massage and complementary Vino Tinto (well why not?! I don’t have to stretch the cash for 5 months this time!), I’m transported back to Thailand and my rather excruciating massage that left me bruised if not slightly more flexible. I’m reminded how amazed I was that petite, perfectly polite people can inflict so much pain and still smile so sweetly. The lovely lady from Hong Kong who just battered me for half an hour has probably fixed my hunched, mouse clicking, screen peering posture and my cranky jet lag mood will be much improved tomorrow…if she hasn’t caused permanent damage to my kidneys…so onwards, from China to Vietnam!

About to board a plane to Da Nang, Central Vietnam, apparently under several feet of water due to massive downpour of non stop rain for the last few weeks, I’m thinking maybe Egypt may have been the wiser choice if I was after a tan. Perhaps my bikini won’t be needed after all. But at least I’ll get to eat Banh Mi, visit our pal Mr Duc in Hoi An and visit the craziness that is Ho Chi Minh City. But will it be as awe inspiring and exciting as our last visit? Am I setting myself up for disappointment by returning to somewhere I loved so much last year? How could it possibly be so good? Well let’s find out! Bring it on I say, here’s to some new memories being made. 


2 thoughts on “A bit of R and R -Reminiscence and Renewel 

  1. Hi Boss,

    glad to see you caught up with the girls and had a great time in Hong Kong. Loving the Wandering Willy (er Willis!) long may she publish.

    Up at this ungodly hour as Marie has gone into labour. Abi is not well and they were supposed to be looking after her whilst Hayley is at work, so I have just had to email my boss to say I wont be in today as I have to go to Stevenage to look after her. Just waiting for the response!! Have a fab time in Vietnam and I hope it stops raining. xx

    Caroline Burrell [http://graphics.hotmail.com/i.p.emwink.gif]



  2. Well good morning Wandering Willi(s)…. ahh.. the lovely reports on your travels just transport me to sunnier ( wetter) climates. Minus 3 here, and if you want butter on your toast you need to microwave it first to achieve a spreading consistency.
    Travels here include jaunty short drives to Lidl, or perhaps a little wander down our drive to put the bins out. A world away I feel.
    Saturday took us all the way to Evesham, and in the evening to Cardiff to see Billy Connelly.
    Anyway… have a fabulous time, and bring on your next little report.
    Much love to you both, and have fun.
    Mum xxxx


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